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English language learning websites
Practice in grammar and vocabulary

Match pictures with words - some quizzes are bilingual.

Prepositions, subject-verb agreement, commonly-confused words, and more!

Games for learning English

Videos, matching pictures, vocabulary, popular slang expressions, and more!

English vocabulary, grammar, and other subjects

In English vocabulary, see words with the same base words in other languages (cognates). In English grammar, practice subject-verb agreement and more skills to help you prepare for state tests.  Categories are offered in the Humanities, Chemistry, Math, History, and more!

Learn alphabet, colors, words

Good for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade - skills for learning to read in English and knowing letter sounds.

Language learning for all ages

Some bilingual practice is available. Vocabulary learning about jobs, human body, transportation, animals, house, food, school, and much more.

ESL for students and teachers

This website can be viewed in English and Spanish.  Information for families of students and teachers on disabilities, the law, newcomers programs, literacy for bilinguals, and more.

GED and ACT practice

Many adults who didn't finish high school and receive a graduation diploma want to study to take the GED (General Education Diploma) test. This site also has a link to ACT (American College Test) practice.

Practice tests for high school students - SATP and MAP

Students in high school will take tests in December and May. Students taking the history, biology, English II, or algebra tests for the first time should view the practice tests. Students who don't pass will take the test again during the next semester.  Students may also receive credit for passing these tests because of a good grade in the class or because of their score on the ACT (American College Test).

Practice tests for middle school students

During this school years, students in grades 6-8 will take two of the Questar/MAP curriculum tests, English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math.  Some test items require students to write sentences and paragraphs; other questions will be in multiple choice format. Take these practice tests and see how many you can answer correctly!

Learning basic English and Kindergarten - 2nd grade practice

Here's more practice in learning colors, sounds, numbers, and more!

Practice for high school US History Test

Students take the US History, 1877- present, class in 11th grade. Here's a practice test from the Mississippi Dept. of Education.

ACT practice
Practice for the ACT, SAT, PSAT

Practice these questions for the American College Test and other college entrance exams.