2021-2022 Bell Schedule

*Teachers should be clocked in by 6:50.

**Teachers with morning duty should be clocked in by 6:45 and at their duty post by 6:50.

Family Time 7:10-7:15

1st period 7:19-8:07

2nd period 8:11-8:59

Break 8:59-9:06

3rd period 9:12-10:00

4th period 10:04-10:52

5th period 10:56-12:14 (25 min extra for lunch is built in)

6th period 12:18-1:06

7th period 1:10-1:58

8th period 2:02-2:50

***Dismissal order: 8th grade bus riders, 7th grade bus riders, 6th grade bus riders, 8th grade car-riders/walkers, 7th grade car-riders/walkers, 6th grade car-riders/walkers